Raja Ampat, The Treasure of Indonesia

CNN recently released a list of 10 best snorkeling locations in the world. From the names of these locations, Raja Ampat considered as the best place among others.

Beautiful Raja Ampat, Indonesia
 Raja Ampat is the home of 75% of coral species in the world. As reported by CNN, this location cannot compared to any place in the world. The variety of coral types are very much as it is difficult to find elsewhere.

This place which is located in West Papua is a marine park with 1,000 species of fish, sea turtles, sharks, and stingrays. Snorkeling in Raja Ampat is like being on a private island without a lot of people with almost all fish species in the world in one place. Snorkelers in this place will meet corals in every corner of the shallow sea covering an area of 50 thousand square kilometers and decorated with small islands and very clear water. Every time you swim in it, you will find a different experience.

Awesome Raja Ampat, Indonesia

One of the famous species at Indonesia's sea  is the Manta Rays, which can grow as big as 5 meters. Interestingly, it revealed that Indonesia had "Breeding Room" for the fish which known friendly and dazzling.

Especially for the Manta Rays that found in Raja Ampat, there is an interesting fact that Raja Ampat is a region identified to be the location of Manta Rays breeding . It was based on the results of the study by researchers from Conservation International (CI) Indonesia, which has been tagging 30 Manta Rays in Raja Ampat.

Abraham Sianipar, specialist researcher Sharks and Rays from CI revealed that in Laguna Wayag, small Manta Rays and its pregnant parents are easy to found at sea surface. Although Manta Rays give birth, according to research in the deep ocean, he guessed Laguna Wayag is a location often used for fish's "Breeding Room".

Manta Rays Baby at Raja Ampat

Abraham further explained that the Manta Rays is known as a fish that has ability to cruising away to thousands of kilometers. However, this discovery reveals that the Manta Rays appeared to have breed in a specific location.

It also explains why in certain seasons, divers can found dozens of Manta Rays in one location. Not surprisingly then Raja Ampat has been known as the world's best snorkeling destination, not only because of its coral reefs, but also for Manta Rays.

So, are you ready for the awesome diving and snorkeling experience? Raja Ampat is waiting for you. :)

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